Sophisticated ways Instantly Change Display Faces

Kata Mutiara Bijak - Many beauty applications content services offered by Google or Apple. However, on average only display two-dimensional images. now, there is a new application that allows Internet users, particularly women, to change their appearance in a short time. Named Beauty Mirror, applications offered by Apple works as a mirror. Females can see how their faces with fewer wrinkles, larger lips, and eyebrows were raised in a photo more real time or video.

 "Our idea is to apply a realistic change , subtly, to reflect a person, so that when they upload on Facebook no one will know that it's the video that has been changed, "said Parham Aarabi, CEO of ModiFace, the company that created the application. Kata Kata Indah buat Mama Tercinta As reported by news agency Reuters , the application uses tracking technology anti aging face in implementing and improving the beauty of the image in real time. "They look the same, but everything is just a little better. Wrinkles they lost, their eyes changed a bit," said Aarabi. 

Moreover, he said that his company plans to use the technology to help companies cosmetics and skin care display their products. "Application selfie become a craze. The ability to change the two-dimensional photo before uploading to Facebook has been really popular, but now people can use the video that can be changed with the application as well, "he said. Kata Romantis Cinta untuk kekasih Meanwhile, a similar application was also created cosmetics company based in France, L'Oreal. They memembuat Genius Makeup application that allows users to change the color of the products they use, such as lipstick, eye shadow in real time . 

Accordingly, women can test it before buying. however, the presence of this application does not necessarily positively welcomed. A body image expert from California and author of Love Your Body, Love Your Life, Sarah Maria considered that the public is constantly bombarded with images in movies and magazines that have been altered. thing is, he said, describing an unrealistic standard of a beauty. Kata Kata Galau Sedih Patah Hati "These applications may add to the already prevalent idea that the face should be improved to look younger or slimmer, "said Mary, who added that this application can also cause a negative impact on those who are struggling with body image. (Asp)

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Sophisticated ways Instantly Change Display Faces